Milton Realtors

milton-realtorsFinding the right Milton realtors is made much simpler when you know the ones you are thinking about using share your values. That’s why you need to take a good look at the choices offered by the team at Here’s why they are the perfect choice when you are looking for excellent residential and/or commercial real estate Milton choices.

Mahamed Khan
As you might expect, the father is the leader of the team and the one with the most experience. He is well known among other Milton realtors and a host of satisfied customers as someone who is both courteous, friendly and efficient. Mahamed is also a professional with all the right licenses and credentials who understands how to find his clients the home or businesses that match their budgets to their needs. His experience makes him a great choice for anyone looking for homes for sale in Milton, land for sale or a variety of other excellent real estate opportunities.

Faris Khan
Faris is an enthusiastic addition to the family business. He brings a fresh, youthful perspective to the excellent services available at His thorough and comprehensive understanding as a Milton realtor make him a valuable addition to the team.